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Cold Process Soap - January 2023

Cold Process Soap Cold Process Soap is the traditional method of making soap with raw ingredients from scratch. An example is the well-known South African Boerseep which has been made for centuries. Close to Nature Lanie Bath & Body only makes Vegan soaps which means we use plant oils and butters to create soap. The oils and butters chosen affects the lather (how bubbly the soap is) and moisturising properties.   I love using the following plant derived oils and butters Olive oil - Adds to the creaminess of the soap and moisturises the skin. Coconut oil - Creates large bubbles and has great cleansing abilities. Sweet almond oil - A lightweight oil full of fatty acids. It produces a...

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This soap symbolizes Hope – making the impossible possible. Whatever your mountain is, with God on your side nothing is impossible.  

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