About Lanie Bath and Body

Lanie Bath & Body was founded by Elanie in 2019.

The feather in the logo resembles nature and gentleness - our products are delicate on the skin just like a feather.

“I started Lanie Bath & Body as I was inspired to be kinder to nature as well as my skin. I hope my products will inspire many others to do so as well. I love creating beautiful things and formulating products.

I believe the energy and vibration you put into the universe will be what you attract. So, I choose to reflect love, kindness and joy. May the same magic be felt by each person that uses one of the Lanie products.”

At Lanie Bath & Body we create luxurious handcrafted artisan soaps that are made with skin loving oils and butters like olive oil and shea butter, that are moisturising to the skin as well as a range of beautiful bath and body products.

Most of our products are between 95% and 100% natural.

We love animals and therefore Lanie Bath & Body will never test any products on animals and we are proudly vegan friendly.

Should any of our products contain an ingredient that is not vegan friendly i.e. beeswax, it will clearly be noted.

All products are handmade from scratch with high quality ingredients and are made in small batches to ensure the quality is maintained.

Thank you for choosing Lanie Bath & Body. It means the world to me.